If you are interested in applying for the Chief John J. McGowan Memorial Scholarship please see the requirements below. The application documents can also be downloaded below. The application may be printed out and completed or completed through Word and printed. Thank you for your interest.


The Chief John J. McGowan III Memorial Scholarship Foundation is currently accepting applications for its scholarship. The Chief John J. McGowan Scholarship was started in 2010 to promote the education and training for prospective police officers. The goal of the foundation is to award scholarships to candidates who desire a career in law enforcement by seeking Municipal Police Officer Certification (Act 120) from the Montgomery County Police Academy.  Each awardee will receive a $2,500 scholarship.


  • Must be a cadet enrolled in the Montgomery County Police Academy Program
  • Must be paying for the Police Academy at your own expense (no reimbursement from an employer or municipality)
  • Must be expected to graduate from the Police Academy. Cadets who fail to graduate with their class will not be awarded the scholarship.
  • Must not be a prior recipient of the Chief John J. McGowan III Scholarship


  1. Scholarship Application Form.
  2. Current résumé
  3. Two letters of recommendation preferably from law enforcement professionals, addressed to Chief John J. McGowan Scholarship Committee.
  4. Completed Application Questionnaire
  5. An essay on the topic of what you hope to accomplish by becoming a police officer and how this will contribute to better protect the community in which you hope to serve.  In your essay please give specific examples to clarify your ideas. It should not exceed one page (8 ½ x 11, double-spaced).


All required documents and letters of recommendation should be mailed to the following address, preferably at least two weeks before the applicant’s graduation, so that the committee has time to review the applications and so that the awardee may receive the scholarship award at graduation.

Chief John J. McGowan III
Memorial Scholarship Foundation
P.O. Box 1861
Horsham, PA  19044


Scholarship Application Information

Scholarship Application Forms Packet